High Temperature Thermocouple Wire

High Temperature Thermocouple WireThe Autobond wire eliminates the outer clear Teflon jacket which is where 90% of moisture creep occurs and also creates a mold on the inner wires …. Adjustable Bayonet Thermocouples; Wire. Include InnoCal Calibration Services. 3 Control, Instrumentation and Thermocouple 6. Type N – Nicrosil-Nisil: This thermocouple has very good thermoelectric stability, which is superior to other base metal thermocouples and has excellent resistance to high temperature oxidation. Their high-flex flat profile dissipates heat and delivers dependable temperature sensing under extremely hot conditions. COMPARE: Type-T High-Temperature Thermocouple Wire Probe, 0. We recommend 10-88-2 solder for TC attachment because it does not start melting until 268°C, which is above the temperatures …. Through selection of appropriate thermocouple wires and sheath components, thermocouples are suitable to be used in temperature ranges from (-200 to 2316) °C [-328 to 4200] °F. Observe proper care and safety, Metrology Well generate a high temperature which can cause burn and damage. Not recommended for low temperatures […]. Otherwise, the readings could be incorrect, leading to varying problems. The point where the two dissimilar wires are joined. Type K Thermocouple Wire High Temperature Insulation High Quality Type "K" Duplex Thermocouple Wire Highest Temperature Insulation Available …. View Full Specifications · See More . Type-T High-Temperature Thermocouple Wire Probe, 0. We manufacture a wide range of high quality thermocouples for industrial temperature measurment in type K, T, J, N, R, S & B in accordance with IEC584 using only Class 1 materials. Visit our Thermocouple Technical Reference or Thermocouple …. Acrolab Thermocouples come with different combinations of metals, wire and functional elements. Concept Alloys is a manufacturer of Tungsten-Rhenium alloys for use in thermocouples, medical, and proprietary applications. Thermic cycling: When thermocouples are exposed to thermic cycling from room temperature …. Extension Grade- 32°F to 392°F, 0 to 200°C. Thermocouple extension cable 2xKT2801 1 - 2801 AWG Bare copper conductor, 2 - 2801 AWG Constantan® (T-type) conductor (-200°C to 350°C)*, 3 - FEP insulation (colours upon request). Our engineers and technical sales specialists utilize their. 101 Kestrel Drive Collegeville, PA 19426. Tips on attaching thermocouples If conductive here, the. High Temperature Thermocouple Wire High Temperature Thermocouple Wire Our thermocouple wires are based on precious metals, long recognized as the most reliable sensing elements for high-temperature …. The cause of this thermoelectric effect lies in the metallic bonding of metals and in particular in the free electrons. For low temperature, high accuracy re-quirements, a type “T” thermocouple might be used, whereas in high tem-perature …. Because of this bead, this type of thermocouples has a lot of limitations. The thermocouple-to-copper connections are then immersed into an …. Whether you need extension wire to finish your new installation or premium survey wire to meet today’s tightest tolerances, GeoCorp will help you find the correct calibration , wire gauge , insulation, and temperature …. Sales office for: heating materials. High-Temperature Thermocouple Probes Designed for Multiple Bends in any Environment Bend probes around pipe diameters as small as twice the sheath diameter to easily determine your pipe temperature. Uses: Tungsten-rhenium alloy has good electrical properties, ductility and processability, and can be used for thermocouple temperature measurement in high temperature furnaces. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low High Temp thermocouple wire is used to extend the sensor output to the controlling or indicating device. This conversion resolves temperatures to 0. Watlow Thermocouple Survey Wire. Copper is limited to a measurement range of -200…+260°C. manufactures thermocouples, thermometers, thermocouple extension wire with superior quality and expertise. Solar Cells, silicon ingot, wafer, thin film. Thermocouples are made by joining two dissimilar metal wires …. The temperature range of this thermocouple is from –210 to +1200 °C; however, the life-cycle is lesser at high-temperature in comparison with …. We can support the temperature of up to 200℃ by selecting epoxy resin with high heat resistant temperature and a low heat expansion rate, and by using not a compensating cable but a coated thermocouple wire. 85248816780001 SCC M5846-1E2/20 HIGH TEMP THERMOCOUPLE WIRE 20AWG(4/26) KP CHROMEL/KN ALUMEL 20AWG(4/26) KP CHROMEL/KN ALUMEL Specifications Cross-sectional Shape Style: Round Temp Rating: 350. Other tables at this link are also available for information on the. 1/2-20UNF Rupture Disks; 5/8-11UNC Rupture Disks; 3/4-16UNF Rupture. You can run into problems if you choose the wrong type of thermocouple. Minimum Bend Radius: insulation 3 x cable O. Safe Min Max J Iron Constantan -210°C / -346°F 1200°C / 2193°F Reducing, vacuum, Inert. A thermocouple can be as simple as a bare wire sensor, or a duplex assembly, right up to a pure Platinum ceramic sheathed type R assembly for high …. High quality High Temperature NiCr / NiAl Thermocouple Extension Wire 1. The main chemical composition of positive leg NiCr (KP) are Ni≈90% and Cr≈10%; negative leg NiSi (KN) are Ni≈97% and Cr≈3%. Temperature Concentrator Module: TCS. Both have one wire made of platinum-rhodium and one wire made of platinum. Excellent thermocouple probe in various high temperature applications. , Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Thermocouple / High Temperature Wire …. The high temperature thermocouples that can withstand the extreme temperatures in these environments are usually Type R, S, B, C or D thermocouples. Matched pairs with duplex insulation are color coded according to ANSI, BS, IEC, etc. The type S is often used with a ceramic protection tube. SCM5B34 Linearized 2- or 3-Wire RTD Input Modules. Thermocouples are sophisticated devices used to measure the temperature in various applications, from kilns, to cold storage, to diesel engines. The critical nature of these devices means they require high-quality wiring inside. 3mm X 2 AWG 16 Type K product market, With strict quality control Thermocouple Cable factories, Producing high quality Thermocouple …. Leave a Message We will call you back soon!. Both these thermocouples have an optimal temperature range of 0 to 1450 Celsius. To Order Call: 800-817-3486 or Email: [email protected] The influences of annealing temperature on the tensile strength and resistivity of PtRh40 and PtRh20 alloy wires…. Solid or stranded thermocouple grade wire per ASTM E230 & ANSI MC96. Only K type ANSI color code shown, To order other type or IEC, DIN, JIS color code, pls contact us online. View the thermocouple wire and cable catalogue to aid in choosing the right cable for your application. Industrial Process Thermocouples; European Thermocouples & Nipples; Melt Pressure Transducers & Indicators High Temperature European Plugs with 3 Vertical Flat Blades/Pins 49458 (VDE 035) heater inlet connector, surface mount with screw terminals. The ALTA® Wireless Thermocouple Sensors leverage Monnit's award-winning remote monitoring platform to remotely monitor high-temperature applications, such as commercial ovens, kilns, and chimneys. This voltage is measured and interpreted by a thermocouple thermometer. The wire leads are welded together to create a junction. For high-temperature applications, use fiberglass, vitreous silica, and ceramic fiber. Thermocouples comprise a thermoelement which is a junction of two specifield, dissimilar alloys and a suitable two wire extension lead. HIGH TEMPERATURE THERMOCOUPLE WIRE 7-17 SECTION 7 308. Flexible Type K Thermocouple Wire. A 2-wire PT100 sensor is likely to be slightly less accurate than a 3-wire version. CST 450 has the same benefits as the SRGE cable with the ability to withstand higher temperatures (450C). These are compactly designed, top quality and low maintenance. MGT High Temperature Wire (842°F/450°C) TGGT High Temperature Wire (482°F/250°C) SIHF High Temperature Wire (355°F/180°C) Thermocouple & RTD Wire. Operator only takes a few seconds to bond the standard thermocouple wire into temperature sensors. It is important to get the wiring …. Type E Thermocouple (Nickel-Chromium / Constantan): The Type E thermocouple is able to handle stronger signals and higher accuracy than previous Types J or K. High quality glassfiber insulated wire, high temperature resistance, wearresisting, strong and …. XC4: Nextel 440 insulation has the highest temperature rating to 1375C (2500F) Silica insulation is a high purity (SiO2 > 99%) ceramic yarn, that offers high temperature …. Can be used with all available thermocouple or RTD plugs, jacks and cable clamps, standard or miniature. Wire services and ACH transfers are both safe ways to move funds from one bank to another, but there are some differences between the two. The temperature range in which it is used can have a huge impact on the life of the thermocouple. If you need the wire with a inner shield, please add "SSB or TCB" to the order code, such as "JX-HFB-SSB-HFB-20S", it means Type JX, 20AWG, Stranded, Insulation: High temperature fiberglass, Inner shield: Stainless steel, Jacket: High temperature …. Thermocouples are perfect for learning about data gathering, understanding linear equations, and mastering calibration in the classroom. High temperature wires are for applications where temperatures exceed 150 degrees Celsius in normal use. If the wire is to be used to run more than 20 or 30 feet, it is usually preferable to use the larger, more heavily insulated extension grade wire for the distance run. Good resistance to physical disturbance and high temperature (up to 400°C). for use with Type K Type K Thermocouple Cables High Temperature Thermocouples General Purpose Thermocouples ATEX/IECex Thermocouple Sensors. This thermocouple type contains high thermoelectric voltages; therefore, it is used in high-temperature …. A thermocouple uses the phenomenon that a voltage is caused by the presence of a temperature gradient along an electrical conductor. Each sensor has a unique 64-Bit Serial number etched into it - allows for a huge number of sensors to be used on one data bus. The temperature at the measuring point causes the charges in the wires …. The Red wire is generally the negative (-) wire in thermocouples, harnesses, and cables. Four of the most popular thermocouple wire combinations are almost always identified by their trade names: Thermocouple …. TM Electronics (TME) is your one-stop shop for accurate, high-quality temperature sensors, digital thermometers, thermistors, thermocouples and probes for companies across a wide range of industries. Use thermocouple wire to make thermocouple elements, or to connect thermocouples to instrumentation. ARi High Temperature Thermocouple is used in applications where base metal thermocouples cannot be used because of excessive temperatures or severe atmosphere. 11 rows · The Type K thermocouple is more accurate and reliable than Type J, as the temperature range is much wider. 1 Insulation: Braided ceramic fiber Construction: Parallel conductors Jacket: Braided ceramic fiber Operating Temperature: +2200 °F (+1204 °C) continuous +2400 °F (+1316 °C) single exposure. From the simplest single-conductor appliance to complex wire and cable combinations, some of our product mixes includes thermal wire, high-temperature electrical cable, heat-resistant electrical wire and thermal cable to build Heater Bands, Paint Dry Ovens, Blast Furnace Instrumentation, Thermocouples…. We specialize in design,produce,technical support in shanghai in china for ceramic pad heater,heat treatment equipment,ceramic beads,alumina ceramic beads,Heating Mats,Heat Treatment Consoles,Thermocouple welding units, Welding Calbe,Thermocouple Wires,Heating Wire,Nickel Chrome Wire,NiCr wire,Ceramic Fibre Blanket,Thermocouple Connector,camlock connector,Thermocouple …. We were the first manufacturer of both thermocouples and thermocouple wire to be accredited by NVLAP (Lab Code: 200496-0) to ISO/IEC 17025. ABOUT RADIX When accuracy and integrity matter for your equipment and brand, it’s essential to use wire …. Will measure temperatures from below minus 50°C to over 250°C. The second is a wire break leading to an open circuit. Advantages of thermocouple sensors include low cost, small size, wide temperature …. A drift rate of 1 to 2°C, (2 to 4°F) occurs with Type E and K in the 371 to 538°C, (700 to 1000°F) temperature range. Thermocouples and wire samples sent to the factory for evaluation must be at least 36" long. These two wires are joined to form a temperature measurement junction. According to EN/ANSI standards and most common industrial applications, the thermocouple sensors are used for temperature …. Type K wire is commonly found in food applications because its alloys "do not" rust or oxidize. CJC compensation); therefore, it is important that the two TC wires, after being stripped bare, are inserted directly into the instruNet screw terminals without an added extension between the bare wire …. Solution: Order thermocouples with special-limit wires, which can improve accuracy twofold. This calibration certification is to be used with ALL high-temp glass wire and thermocouples It is calibrated at the following temperature ranges: 500, 900, 1200 deg F (Hi-Temp) PTM Thermocouples and Probes. Resistance Temperature Detector construction is done in one of three ways: Wire wound RTDs, coiled element RTDs, and thin film RTDs. 's temperature measurement products, including Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermowells, Wire, Hardware, Controllers and Accessories. Temperature sensors for projects with special needs DS18B20, TMP100, or DHT11 are usually a good option if you want to monitor the temperature …. As is well known, however, for the determination of temperatures much above 1650°C this combination. FEP insulation and jacket is abrasion and chemical resistant. The minimum order is generally 1000 ft. Each type has a different the type defines the temperature range, the diameter of the thermocouple wire …. Thermocouples, RTD's, Wire & Cable, are manufactured from the highest quality components available. Thermocouple grade wire is normally used for the junction and inside the stem sheath. Ceramic terminal covers for band heaters. 711mm, Find details about China Thermocouple wire, K type thermocouple cable yellow and red from High temperature wire with High Silica fiberglass Insulation 1000ºC thermocouple cable type …. Due to the ever-changing requirements and specifications, Thermal Wire developed the CST 450. This means that the leads can act as aerials, picking up environmental electrical noise that contaminates the voltage signal. We also produce all cables with insulation such as PVC, PTFE, Silicone and fiberglass. Being Type K thermocouple defined according to the voltage versus temperature …. Upon further insertion into a region where the temperature is high enough (greater than ipproximately 1000 C) for shunting to occur, the thermocouple …. Wire Type of MICC High temperature wire,J type thermocouple cable wire. ***Not ANSI Designations Stranded Wire Thermocouple and extension wires are usually solid conductors. B type thermocouple temperature range: Platinum Rhodium – 30% / Platinum Rhodium-6%. Pt100 Wiring Methods – 2, 3 or 4 wire? The wiring of a Pt100 temperature sensor is different to other temperature sensors, in particular thermocouples. Thermocouple Wire, Thermocouple Connectors, Compression Fittings, Wether you need a low temperature connector, a high temperature ceramic connector, or anything in between Dynamic Temperature …. 711mm Red-Yellow Type K Thermocouple Extension Wire with High Temp. Available in Thermocouple Types K or R; Resistance to High Temperatures; Double Glass Fibre Insulation; Single Solid Conductors . 1000c Fiberglass, Find Details about Twisted Thermocouple Cable, Compensating Cable from 2*0. The thermocouple extension wire is available is types JX, KX and RSX. Pelican Wire thermocouple wires are manufactured to meet standard or special tolerances of ASTM E 230. Thermocouples have few benefits that makes them widely used. SKU: N/A Categories: SEW -2, SEW-2 Tags: 600V, High Temp…. A new high temperature thermocouple able to withstand higher temperatures for longer has been designed by Dr. It’s pretty easy to tell when you’ve done it wrong: You wire the thermocouple …. Don't run TC extension wire in excessively hot or cold environments. 00 per foot with very high temp ceramic insulation. As with all parts manufactured at Pelican Wire…. Hi Temp Solutions - Offering K Type Thermocouple Extension Wire, Type K Thermocouple, K Type Sensor, के टाइप थर्मोकपल, के प्रकार कथर्मोकपल, Thermocouple …. Type K Thermocouple Wire is a 20 Gage Solid Design with Ceramic Fiber Braided i nsulation with a 500 foot continuous length. AutomationDirect offers a variety of industrial thermocouple temperature sensors: Probes. Thermocouple wire : We would grasp wire in contact with the pliers and touch the hot plate (closing the circuit). 10-88-2 solder also creates a solid thermal connection between the TC bead and the. Type K thermocouple is a Ni base thermocouple introduced by Hoskins Manufacturing at the beginning of the 20th century: the positive and negative thermoelements were called Chromel and Alumel respectively. High temperature wires and cables are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of high performance and demanding applications that are exposed to high heat. The best choice for temperatures …. Silica is a high purity (SiO 2 >99%) yarn, that offers high temperature protection up to 1093°C (2000°F) at an economical price. We've proven this through accelerated lifetime testing, applying high loads at high temperatures to the wires. Chromel/Alumel FlexibleThermocouple Wire Type K Copper/Constantan Flexible Thermocouple Wire Type T. Supplied as either a single solid conductor of 32AWG, this PFA insulated thermocouple cable is ideal for higher temperature applications up to 482ºF or for . Our thermocouple compensating products are all made abiding by GB/T 4990-2010 'Alloy wires of extension and compensating cables for thermocouples' (Chinese National Standard), and also IEC584-3 'Thermocouple part 3-compensating wire' (International standard). Marlin’s goal is to be a consistent high quality and on time producer of temperature instrumentation for research and industrial applications. The thermoelectric voltage resulting from the temperature difference from one end of the wire …. 25°C, allows readings as high as +1024°C, and exhibits thermocouple accuracy of 8 LSBs for temperatures ranging from 0°C to +700°C. S: Seebeck coefficient in V/K (commonly in µV/°C) T h - T c: Temperature …. This is one of the ideal choices for measuring higher temperature readings which the other temperature …. Thermocouple Type J Wire; Thermocouple Type K Wire; RTD Wire; Extruder Rupture Disks. It also shows exceptional measurement accuracy, . The ruggedly constructed, high temperature T5 thermocouple probes from HarcoSemco are a standard or custom solution for exhaust gas environments. Equation 1 provides a linear approximation of the Seebeck effect. Fibreglass Insulated and Served thermocouple. Fibreglass insulated thermocouple wire, is low cost, high temperature wire. High-Temperature Thermocouple Wire Construction: Conductor: Solid or Stranded; Insulation: FEP; Jacket: Industrial-Grade, sunlight resistant, and oil resistant FEP; Shielding: Overall Beldfoil (100% Coverage) or Unshielded; 800-472-4655. A high amperage discharge would occur and the wire would spot weld. Buy Pt100 Temperature Sensor Probe Platinum Thermal Resistance Temperature Measurement High Precision K-type Thermocouple Thermoelectric Motor Industrial Third Wire …. Some thermocouples offer a wide temperature range at the expense of a very nonlinear voltage-temperature relationship, while others provide a smaller (but more linear) temperature range. High temperature wire, including thermocouple wire, is stocked since many internal and external wiring applications are used in environments exceeding 150°C, and even up to 200°C making it an excellent heat resistant wire. Metal Mounting Clip Holds Probe in Place. Radix’s team of technicians, engineers and researchers is committed to being innovators in the arena of high temperature wire and high temperature cable. The Type B thermocouple is used in extremely high temperature applications. It can be used at very high temperatures. The temperature can be calculated by working out the voltage generated when a temperature. Learn where to find wiring diagrams for your car. Measuring temperature with thermocouple using 34972Ahttp://www. Where to Use the PT100 Sensor? The PT100 is a commonly used as industrial temperature sensor. Thermocouple Cables - Single Pair. Feel free to browse through our large selection of products to customize your thermocouples …. Aerospace Wire & Cable is a leader of high temperature custom wire & cable. Fibreglass thermocouple wires, high temp. Together, they form two electrical junctions; the measuring (hot) junction and the reference (cold) junction. Each wire is made of a specific metal or metal alloy. A satisfactory thermocouple junction is produced without using argon, Just 3 steps you can weld a quality bonded thermocouple wire …. Quantity Required Qty Required in feet. A typical thermocouple construction consists of a pair of dissimilar metals that are . MB860 Temperature Sensor long mantle type. The thermocouples are consisting of two metals or wires and the metals are known as legs. Stranded wire is more flexible than solid wire. Temperature Range: Thermocouple grade wire, -346 to 1,400F (-210 to 760C) Extension wire, 32 to. The highest temperature reached was 150 degC. Calibrated conductors for high system accuracy · 400⁰F (204⁰C) FEP insulation for improved electrical properties and high temperature applications · FEP jacket to . General Information Accuracy of Marlin Wire Thermocouple Grade Wire Types Thermocouple Extension Grade Wire Types Insulation Types - Plastic …. Our cables successfully perform on the ground, sea, air, in space. TC/P0 Series - thermocouple terminal blocks from ASI that has been designed to accept type J, K, B, E, SR, and T thermocouple lead connections. ANSI Color Code: Positive Wire, Yellow; Negative Wire, Red; Overall, Brown. ISO ACCREDITED TEMPERATURE CALIBRATION LAB. The usual cause is the diffusion of atmospheric particles into the metal at the extremes of operating temperature. K-type Thermocouple wire for making high temperature thermocouple or extension wire ; Chromel / Alumel type K thermocouple wire with Standard Accuracy (whichever is greater): +/- 2. For your convenience, we are including the previous Watlow part numbers in. ungrounded type K thermocouple responds to temperature changes in water in about 2. 1 Temperature Measurement Thermocouples; Table 1 - Weights and Measurements. manufactures a complete line of thermocouple elements, RTD sensors, thermowell elements, industrial assemblies and specialty surface temperature sensors. The High Temp Wire Probe is a good low-cost high temp probe for ovens and backyard grills. Buy the best and latest high temperature thermocouple wire on banggood. View Full Specifications See More Items from this Family (513) TFE Insulated Thermocouple Duplex Wire TFE-WIRE Thermocouple wire …. The bare wire represents the heart of the thermocouple…. Sensor Provides Accurate, Rapid Response Exhaust Gas Temperature Measurements for Diesel Engine Aftertreatment Systems. In other words, it is always be assumed that the two thermocouple wires (let’s call them wire A and wire B) are connected to the voltmeter in such a way that the voltage is positive when the temperature being measured is greater than the reference temperature. Typical high-temperature probe design. Our stock of Okazaki MI cable, Heraeus thin films, Heraeus SMD’s, thermocouple wires…. 3 Positive (+) Negative (-) Tungsten 5% Rhenium Tungsten 26% Rhenium CP …. Watlow's high-temperature thermocouple offerings include noble metal and exotic metal sheaths. Sycor distributes thermocouple and thermocouple extension high temperature wire and offers value added services to …. MICC Engineering does not use reprocessed PFA or PVC in manufacturing thermocouple wire. The most important property of the thermocouple is nonlinearity – the output voltage of the thermocouple is not linear with respect to temperature. General Information Accuracy of Marlin Wire Thermocouple Grade Wire Types Thermocouple Extension Grade Wire Types Insulation Types - Plastic Insulation Type -. This converter resolves temperatures to 0. Hanna HI-766F1 Type K Thermocouple Wire Temperature Probe. However the actual temperatures indicated by the data are too high. Free postage Free postage Free postage. After login you will have all the information about our …. If operating at high temperatures…. Type C wire has a maximum temperature range up to 1000°C or 1850°F. OHMALLOY's type K wire have long time stability at high temperature such as 1000 Degree C and the quality was accepted by many customer who is in area space industry, nuclear power industry. The Complete Thermocouple Wire & Cable Guide; The Custom Cable Advantage. By selecting certain materials, temperature measurements up to 2300°C …. Another solution could be to use a "thermocouple transmitter" which would allow you to use your preferred connector. Tips on attaching thermocouples Solder Cupper sheet (to fasten) TC sensors Fasten all with metallic material. The level of temperature sensing is based on the kind of wire material The Type B thermocouple is usually utilized in high-temperature . Rated for 221°F (105°C) upper limit (above 104°F [40°C], coil form may change if stretched). How to Wire a High Temperature K-Type Thermocouple; Have a Question? Ask our expert. The braided high temperature yarn is applied in a unique manner that allows SERIES 314 to be competitively priced with other fiberglass constructions. Terms in this set (17) thermocouple. It comprises of two thermocouple wires that are joined together with a welded bead. For example, in a thermocouple the electrical potential difference is produced due to temperature difference across its terminals. NCD Industrial wireless thermocouple High Temperature sensor is capable of measuring extreme high and low temperatures. The operating temperature range is -200~1300°C(for short term) and 0~1100. Both legs are welded together so as to create two junctions. Connection: directly mounted mini thermocouple plug. The wire determines the component's temperature …. Huge varieties of high-quality thermocouple available. However, copper oxidizes at higher temperatures. Thermocouple wire is used in a variety of cryogenic applications, but special techniques must be employed to approach temperature accuracies of 1% of temperature, even without consideration for the effects of high magnetic fields or high radiation fluxes. Key Products High Temperature Heater Hookup Wire. Example: J-20 S -CFCF S -25 Is type J-20S-CFCFS; 25 feet in length. This Industrial wireless thermocouple device comes with K-type connector, which can. Digital Thermometers, Thermistors, Thermocouples & Probes. Flexible Stainless Steel Braided Wire. The ceramic fiber yarn’s upper temperature …. A thermocouple can be as simple as a bare wire sensor, or a duplex assembly, right up to a pure Platinum ceramic sheathed type R assembly for high. If you need the wire with a inner shield, please add "SSB or TCB" to the order code, such as "JX-HFB-SSB-HFB-20S", it means Type JX, 20AWG, Stranded, Insulation: High temperature fiberglass, Inner shield: Stainless steel, Jacket: High temperature. Probe length: 1000mm or 2000mm (please select when ordering) Probe diameter: 3mm, exposed junction. THERMOCOUPLE WIRE AND CABLE Some PRODUCTS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. This plug in Thermocouple Probe allows you to measure external temperature readings on DMMs. Metal overbraids are available on a variety of wires, but most commonly on fibreglass insulated wires. Specifications Calibration: Type K, CHROMEGA™-ALOMEGA™ Maximum Temperature: 1260°C (2300°F). High temperature wire K type thermocouple cable Teflon wire Beijing Shengruike Automation Equipment Co. The Type A Nichrome Wire has a high temperature range up to 1150°C or 2100°F. An NTC thermistor provides higher resistance at low temperatures. Extension wires can be copper wires; More expensive than thermocouples; Need a known excitation current suitable for the sensor type; More fragile. We specialize in short runs & quick turnarounds. Thermocouple Alarm Euro-style with Display (4-Wire) TCE. For applications requiring very high. Thermocouples are the most commonly used type of temperature sensor. Other high temperature constructions are available. California Fine Wire offers a variety of thermocouple and resistance temperature detector materials to meet your wire needs. Phone: (216) 731-9191; Careers Contact Us. It's inexpensive, accurate, reliable, and has a wide temperature range. You can use theNI 407x series of DMMsalong with the NIPXI-2527 32-channel multiplexerand the NI TB-2627 terminal block to measure thermocouples and maximize the total accuracy of the system. 711mm withstanding 1000 degrees high temperature, Find details about China thermocouple cable, thermocouple wire from K . High-Temperature Thermocouples Meet Reliability and High Performance Standards. Thermocouple and RTD extension wire/cable is critical to maintain signal integrity when extending thermocouple signals. SHIELDING FUNCTION WIRE: Design of compensation lines with shielding function, durable wire can withstand high temperature Specification: Item Type: K Type Thermocouple Model: WRNT-01 Graduation Number: K type Temperature Measurement Range: 0-800℃ Probe Size: Approx. Platinum is the positive and rhodium is used for the negative leg. The thermocouple grade wire has a temperature range from -58 to 2700F. Sensors, Transducers - Temperature Sensors - Thermocouples, Temperature Probes are in stock at Digikey. If you want to save money and buy more durable sensors that can measure high-temperature range. Sensor temperature range : 0 - 800 °C. Thermocouple wire with connector, type K, ready-to-use cable Thermocouple wire, type K, for self-assembly Thermocouple connector, type K, for …. Our patented extrusion process encapsulates up to 8 thermocouples in flame- and, heat-resistant Flexx-Sil™ clear jacketing, which is also submersible, Clean. Use the chart below to make sure that the positive and negative connections are in the proper order. Thermocouples are used at much higher temperatures than thermistors, which change resistance with change in temperature, and don't produce a voltage at all. High temperature wire and cable is designed and manufactured for a wide variety of high performance and demanding applications that are exposed to high heat. Such applications generally involve oxidizing, reducing, inert gas or contamination atmospheres that challenge the life of the. Advantages of Thermocouple: They are capable of being used to directly measure temperatures up to 2600ºC; and The junction of the thermocouple can be grounded and brought into direct contact with the measured material. The insulation is treated with a heat fiber and moisture-resisting finish which adds a pigment that promotes files bonding and. COMPARE: Type-T High-Temperature Thermocouple Wire …. It's protected with a fiberglass insulation, however, you should avoid using it over 660°F. 51mm Single Core Double Fiberglass Insulated K Type Thermocouple Wire US $0. with Ceramic Fiber Insulation - 1 yard or multiples of 1 yard - This is a k-type thermocouple wire …. Full Record; Other Related Research; Authors: McDearman, J R; Googe, J M Publication Date: Wed Jan 01 00:00:00 EST 1969. It needs to be a material built specifically for underhood automotive applications and withstand constant temperatures …. /Pyrocom is a premier manufacturer and supplier of Thermocouples and RTDs for the commercial, industrial and aerospace industries in the Northwest since 1962. selected because of their wide temperature limits (-184°C to +2330°C). High Precision304 316 Material Micro Probe Industrial Small Thermocouple Rtd Temperature Sensor, Find Details about Wire Thermocouple, Small Thermocouple from High Precision304 316 Material Micro Probe Industrial Small Thermocouple Rtd Temperature …. The nickel-chromium system shows that chromium is quite soluble in nickel. Government entity administered by the N. With this basic set of equipment, it’s possible to easily create a high …. Thermocouples MGO Thermocouples MGO Thermocouples These are recommended where the thermocouple is immersed in liquids, high moisture, corrosive gases, or high pressures. It produces a voltage when the temperature …. When a 60 Hz AC power line lies in close proximity and parallel to a thermocouple lead wire, the 60 Hz magnetic field generated by the current flowing in the power line cuts across the thermocouple …. Type Thermocouple Temperature Sensor-200C~1300C Thermocouple Temperature Sensor is a sensor that is used to measure temperature. This specific J Type 508 Thermocouple Wire has high temperature fluoropolymer construction and features a solid 20 gauge wire with TFE tape fused insulation . Our signal conditioners make this read high, but ymmv. Military and Aerospace Cables - General Aerospace - Thermocouple Wire ; 852-4225074, HIGH TEMP THERMOCOUPLE WIRE, HIGH TEMPERATURE THERMOCOUPLE WIRE ; 852-4326872 . Thermocouple level ( high temperature level). 2mm PVC Insulation And Jacket K Type Thermocouple Wire Used For Thermocouple Sensors A thermocouple is a temperature measuring device consisting of two conductors of dissimilar metals or alloys that. Belden high temperature thermocouple extension wire is plenum-rated, 300V cable rated NEC Type PLTC, CL3P. The Encardio-rite Model ETT-10V vibrating wire temperature meter is used for the measurement of internal temperature in concrete structures or water. Our employees have the knowledge to supply special off-set and tight tolerance products. cable has a high temperature? FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Other types are available upon request. TC Direct offer Ex Stock Thermocouple Sensors, Thermocouple Cables, Pt 100 Resistance Thermometers, Temperature Controllers and accessories as well as their FREE 'how to' guides to both Thermocouple and Resistance Thermometry and Temperature …. Quality Disposable Thermocouple suppliers provide High Temperature Disposable Thermocouple Cartridges with PtRh wire -Shijiazhuang Wanlixin …. Our custom manufactured Thermocouple Cable and Wire is used in many industrial and scientific applications due to its excellent physical and electrical properties. High Temperature Thermocouple Wire Our thermocouple wires are based on precious metals, long recognized as the most reliable sensing elements for high-temperature measurement. The thermocouple will generate a voltage between the two wires when the sensing junction is at a different temperature from the free end. LEARN MORE: Do I need a Pt100 RTD or Thermocouple?. Ceramic fiber is braided on the individual conductors and the jacket giving a continuous temperature …. Get special offers & fast delivery . An electrical thermometer consisting of two dissimilar metal wires joined at one end and a voltmeter to measure the voltage at the other end of the two wires. High Temperature Braided Fibreglass Thermocouple Wire. Thermocouple grade wire is used instead to make the sensing point of the thermocouple, as extension wire has a lower ambient temperature limit, which means may return a signal representing higher temperature readings than those that would be returned by a proper thermocouple probe, and therefore extension wire can't be used in a thermocouple's …. Silicon Rubber Insulated Heating Wire with High Temperature. Each must be calibrated for the required application. The thermocouple is the temperature measuring devices and thermistor is a type of thermal resistor. 400⁰F (204⁰C) FEP insulation for improved electrical properties and high temperature applications; UWA-PMC/TE Thermocouple Wire and Extension Cable. On the other side, as it has been explain in this other article, a thermocouple is a sensor for measuring temperature…. Transition ioint temperature probes typically have a metal sheath that "transitions" to a lead wire for connection to your readout. The wire where your measurement junction will be is called "thermocouple grade" wire. Fiberglass insulation and jacket is rated for higher temperatures …. I've got a Type K thermocouple, so it's a 2-wire …. STOCK Thermocouples & RTDs Ship Today - Custom Parts will Ship in 3-5 Days. One conductor high temperature radiation resistant aircraft and missile lead wire for operation between 800°F and 1500°F. Before you start, one more hint: Do not forget to let the meter come to room temperature, and measure the room temperature …. It can measure the temperature of liquids, solids and gases and can be used in both industrial and laboratory applications. We offer everything from fiberglass sleeves to portable power cable, welding cable, RTD wire and thermocouple conductor to name a few. Ceramic fiber is braided on the individual conductors and the jacket giving a continuous temperature rating up to 2200ºF (1204ºC). - Offering Temp-up Ss High Temperature Thermocouple, 230V in Kolkata, West Bengal. What are wiring details and colour codes for Pt100 Sensors? Pt100 sensors are colour coded according to whether they are 2, 3 or 4-wire devices. Temperature Measurement the Right Way Smart Sensors, Inc. Maximum continuous temperature is around 1,100°C / 2,012°F depending on wire …. Send Enquiry Buy Online Request Info Data Sheet - Thermocouple Grade Data Sheet - Extension Grade. Colour coding of thermocouple wire. For a long time we've suggested our MAX31855K breakout, which works great but is only for K-type thermocouples. Richards NWC or Type C Nichrome Heater Wire has a compositon of 60% Nickel, 16% Chromium, and the balance of 24% Iron. Measures temperature from 32 to 896° F (0 to 480° C) Coiled lead with length of 3 feet. Hi-Watt supplies the most reliable temperature sensors from globally respected manufacturers. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for K-type Thermocouple Wire for Digital Thermometer High Temperature Sensor Pk1 1p at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! T-type Thermocouple Sensor Probe High Temp 500 °f Awg24 Wire FEP Insulation 100" No ratings or reviews yet. 25 & melting temperature up to 2,995 degrees C. Very accurate high temperature thermocouple wire is attached to a reusable TUS fixture that replicates the maximum size of a load that could fill the furnace. The platinum element of the platinum: rhodium-platinum couple tends to pick up rhodium and as it does so the e. High Temperature Thermocouple Wire Our thermocouple wires are based on precious metals, long recognized as the most reliable sensing elements for high-temperature …. High heat resistance ranging from 90 degrees Celsius to 530 degrees Celsius is available. The thermocouple is one of the most versatile industrial temperature measurement sensors. Rt = Thermocouple wire resistance (total of both wires) As the equation implies, inaccuracy is inversely proportional to amplifier input resistance. Multi-point thermocouples feature exposed junctions that are designed to face high-velocity gas streams. For Use Up to 1335°C (2440°F) Excellent Long Term Stability at High …. Thermocouple Cable (Thermosense) Thermocouple Cable. NEW High Temperature Type K Thermocouple Core Ceramic Kiln Probe 2372°F 1300°C. This specific J Type 305 Thermocouple Wire is typically used for light-duty applications and features a solid 20 gauge wire with double glass wrap insulation. ABS handles are rated to 220°F (104°C); PVC handles are rated to 200°F (93°C); Stainless Steel handles are rated at 450°F (232°C); Mini. The effects of temperature change on dissimilar metals produces a measurable voltage. This is a high temperature k-type thermocouple wire with yellow braided high temperature fiberglass insulation, which is good up to about 1300 degree F Fahrenheit. The color pigment burns off at. STORAGE CAUTION Store temperature sensors in dry and clean place. Click For Product Details and Available Options. Polycab And Kei Thermocouple …. High temperature braided sleeving, as the name would suggest, are the most resistant to extreme temperatures. China K type thermocouple cable 2*0. As mentioned above, you can choose from a variety of thermocouple …. With the standard alloys, or one of several special alloy combinations, it is widely used over a temperature range of -328°F to +2300. with Connection Head; Spring-loaded with Connection Head; with Hex Nipple. Type K Thermocouple Wire with 2000 F (1100 C) rated High Temperature Vitreous Silica Braid Insulation - 20 Gage Solid Wire 1000 ft Long. For information on usable temperature ranges for the insulation see the "Wire Insulation Identification" table. Shop Temperature Sensor, Sensitive High Temperature Resistant 1. High temperature measurement is very difficult in some situations. Welcome to the official thermocouples catalog and online store for Nordic Sensors Industrial Inc. PT100 Multicore thermocouple cables 3 wires Per Meter. These types of thermocouples are having temperature ranges from 32 till 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Other types, such as aluminum or stainless steel coated wire, can mitigate interfering electronic noise and be extremely durable. When the hot junction is heated, an emf is produced which corresponds to the temperature …. 5649 / 5650 Type R and Type S Thermocouple Standards. Exotherm Instruments is one of the leading Teflon wire …. High quality Waterproof probe Ultrafine Thermocouples temperature sensor from China, China's leading Thermocouple Cable product, with strict quality control Thermocouple Cable factories, producing high quality Thermocouple …. Type J Thermocouple Wire with High Temperature Insulation. 0 average based on 2 product ratings. The following are the six most common causes of thermocouple measuring errors, followed by ways to rectify them: 1. Thermocouple can be defined as a sensor or device which is used for sensing or measuring temperature. Our Type T thermocouples use high-quality, premium-grade thermocouple wire to accurately measure low temperatures …. is the largest thermocouple and TRD pt100 manufacturers in China, specializing in production of platinum rhodium thermocouple,type b thermocouple,high temperature r type thermocouple sensor,platinum rhodium thermocouple wire,ceramic thermocouple …. By selecting certain materials, temperature measurements . Our raw material is pre-tested in our accredited in. The type E is also more stable than the type K, which adds to its accuracy. We offer everything from fiberglass sleeves to portable power cable, welding cable, RTD wire and thermocouple …. The k-type thermocouple is the most common type of thermometer, and it consists of positive (Chromel) and negative (Alumel) legs. For a great many years the thermocouple formed by pure platinum and either a 10 or a 13 per cent rhodium-platinum alloy has been the standard means of measuring temperatures of over 1000°C, particularly in the steel making industry. Thermocouples are specified on a basis of their temperature profiles and their accuracy within their intended operating ranges. The CST 450 cable is constructed to be durable, allowing the cable to face a. Popular Products of Water Proof Electrical Cartridge Heaters with High Temperature Lead Wire by Cartridge Heaters - Wuhan Global Metal …. When designing a useful ther mocouple one must consider Seebeck voltage (some combi nations of alloys generate much higher voltages per degree than ot hers), operating temperature …. Single and multi pair thermocouple cables, available in heat resistant PVC, flame retardant …. We manufacture high temperature wire in a wide variety of materials and configurations to suit your unique application, such as, silver-and nickel-plated conductors. With the standard alloys, or one of several special alloy combinations, it is widely used over a temperature …. Additional constructions available upon request. Kaye is pleased to announce the introduction of our new Ultra-Premium Grade Autobond Thermocouple Wire. Insulation is braided over each wire or leg then a final jacket of the same insulation is braided over the pair of wires. Our specialized temperature sensors include thermocouples…. High quality 1600c Mgo Ss310 High Temperature Type T Thermocouple Extension Wire from China, China's leading MgO type t thermocouple extension wire product, with strict quality control SS310 type t thermocouple extension wire factories, producing high quality 1600C high temperature thermocouple …. The FEP Teflon is used as the coating around the conductors and the jacket. It is known for its capability to measure high range temperature …. Fine Gauge Bare Wire Exposed Junction Thermocouple (0. of film, wire, and substrate materlal, and thls Information needs to be deter-mined for a wider range of materials. Consist of wires made from nicrosil-nisil alloys (nickel, chromium and silicon), and display many similar properties to those found in K-type thermocouples, with operating temperatures …. Find also suitable thermocouple thermometers or dataloggers in our product range. Silicone can withstand 250ºC for a short time and it has good low-temperature properties down to -25ºC. The S type thermocouple is the most frequently used for commercial temperature sensors for measuring temperatures that are above 2,282ºF. Temperature Probes Cryogenic temperature sensors encased in stainless steel thermowell fixtures for tight spaces or immersion in liquids. PT100 (3-Wire), PT100 (4-Wire), PT500, PT1000. Thermocouple Wiring for ALL Temperatures, ALL Environments. We measure our success through Total Quality Management that is integrated into our processes. The ceramic fiber yarn’s upper temperature limit often exceeds the melting point of the material it insulates. 2 These cables should preferably be connected permanently to the thermocouple. Non-Contact "ir" or infrared sensors are ideal for measuring applications where the sensor cannot touch the media …. But to make that measurement you need an. View → High Temperature Probes w/ connector - 30 AWG Elements (A11A). High temperature wire, is stocked since many internal and external wiring applications are used in environments exceeding 150'C, and even up to 200'C. Universal Analyzers offers high-temperature Thermocouple Type K with 1/2" Probe, 48" Wire 700°F. The long wire comes in real handy during installation. High Temperature Ceramic wire nuts. [CONNECT UT TERMINAL] The PT100 probe thermocouple …. They have a particular combination of metal alloys for identifying the particular type of thermocouple. Suitable for use at normal air ambient. @article{osti_1046138, title = {High Temperature Irradiation Resistant Thermocouple (HTIR-TC)}, author = {Rempe, Joy and Condie, Keith and Knudson, Darrell}, abstractNote = {INL researchers have created a new thermocouple that can resist high temperature …. Have USB port to do configuration, programmable universal input. For use as a 600 volt, multi pair thermocouple cable where flame retardance, moisture/chemical resistance, and sunlight resistance are critical. The problems are further complicated by exposure to variable gradient conditions at. Follow answered Dec 29, 2017 at 11:05. A thermocouple consists of two dissimilar metals, joined together at one end, and produce a small unique voltage at a given temperature. A Temperature Transducer is a device that converts the thermal quantity into any physical quantity such as mechanical energy, pressure and electrical signals etc. SCM5B37 Thermocouple Input Modules. - exporter of Instrumentation Cables, Fieldbus/Profibus, Rf Co-Axial Cables, Low-Hazard Cables, High-Temperature Cables, Thermocouple Extension Cables, Power & Control Cables products, manufacturer of instrumentation cables, Fieldbus/Profibus, Rf Co-Axial Cables, Low-Hazard Cables, High-Temperature Cables, Thermocouple …. The SAW HEAT -C is a High Temperature thermocouple suitable for temperatures in excess of 1000 deg C. The high reliability of our technologically advanced products are what we deliver. Broken thermocouple wire inside of protective sheath. Typical application would include: let engines, rocket engines, turbines, exhaust gas sensing, glass manufacturing, heat treating, laboratory research, nuclear environments, power stations, vacuum furnaces, and more. Thermocouples are extraordinarily LOW impedance. The tip of the thermocouple probe comes in three different styles: insulated. Inconel supports higher temperature …. The thermocouples are made from metal or alloys of metals. 0 out of 5 stars 2 product ratings. Rated for 221°F (105°C) upper limit (above 104°F [40°C], coil form may …. SIHF (355°F/180°C) Silicone Insulated High Temperature Wire available from Stock - 3 & 4 Conductor - Spooled to Order. 16mm Type N Thermocouple Wire High Temperature. Signal input type, temperature range are programmable through software. Three-wire thermocouple is the most commonly used temperature detector in the low-temperature area. To test for this, please move your thermocouple wires around with a plastic pen. The impure gold wire gives the thermocouple a high sensitivity at low temperatures (compared to other thermocouples at that temperature), whereas the chromel wire maintains the sensitivity near room temperature. This Teflon PFA based high temperature insulation is easier to clean than fiber glass insulation. It is sometimes used in lower temperature applications because of its high accuracy and stability. It consists of two wire conductors made out of different metals. PRODUCT Radio Frequency Thermocouple. A high temperature, high tensile strength fiberglass, either color-coded or with tracer yarn, is braided on both the single conductors and the overall jacket. 090) 3 (5) 20 GG-K-20 Solid Thermocouple Wire Duplex Insulated ANSI color code shown To order IEC color code visit. Model: WRe3 / 25, WRe5 / 26, WRe5 / 20. Wire thickness affects the thermocouple temperature range and sensitivity. 1 standards, the thermocouple can be designated with the different combinations of letters like “E”, “J”, “K”, “T”, ”S”, ”R”. A new type of platinum:platinum-rhodium thermocouple wire which incorporates traces of yttrium in the platinum limb has been developed and tested in some typical working environments. Examples of pricing for popular models is referenced in the "To Order" box. 711mm Red-Yellow Type K Thermocouple Extension Wire with High Temp…. Includes K-Type High Temperature Thermocouple and 1 banana plug. For the K type thermocouples, that means the range of 700-1250C. 482°C (900°F) Fiberglass Insulated Thermocouple Wire. The Type B thermocouple are suited for use at upto 1800 °C. • Type R and Type S thermocouples are utilized for high temperatures up to 2700°F (1480°C). Definitive Temperature & Level Instrumentation. How a Thermocouple Works | Thermocouple Testing Procedure Understanding. This is a high temperature k-type thermocouple wire with yellow braided high temperature fiberglass insulation, which is good up to about 700 degree C Celsius . Thermocouple Wire, Multi Conductor, High Temperature, 83905 Series, Type K, Solid, 20 AWG, …. It has the highest temperature limit of all of the thermocouples listed above. XC4: Nextel 440 insulation has the highest temperature rating to 1375C (2500F) Silica insulation is a high purity (SiO2 > 99%) ceramic yarn, that offers high temperature protection up to 2000°F at an economical price. This Industrial wireless thermocouple temperature sensor includes one XCIB-K K-Type thermocouple probe from Omega. It is normally available in 300- or 600-volt constructions with a single overall shield, or with individual shields. Temperature ranges from -400°F (200°C) to+2400°F (1300°C) Wire sizes as small as 30 AWG to as large as 14 AWG Single wires to bundled cables of up to 50 thermocouple …. Les meilleures offres pour Thermocouple Thermomètre température mètre pour K Sonde de Capteur (-50 ℃~ 500 ℃) sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les …. The individual conductors and outer jacket are insulated with TFE Tape. Note: Will not work with analog display systems requiring 10 or 15 ohm input impedance. The Fluke 572-2 High-Temperature Infrared Thermometer is the ideal tool for high-temperature industrial environments all around the world. AnHui TianKang (Group)Shares Co. High Temp Twin Core Glass Fibre. General purpose thermocouples include air and gas probes, high temperature industrial probe, and thermocouple accessories. The Autobond wire eliminates the outer clear Teflon jacket which is where 90% of moisture creep occurs and also creates a mold on the. temperature sensors have not any mechanical strength, therefore, they might be damaged or cause a wire break. Copper XLPE insulated PE sheathed special power cable 26 / 35 kV for underground railway. Stable high linear conversion, low temperature drift. With the acquisition of a segment of the Watlow SERV-RITE Thermocouple Wire business, we are doubling-down on our commitment to providing the highest quality Thermocouple wire solutions to our customers. These thermocouple produce the same output at 0°C and 42°C, limiting their use below about 50°C. Thermocouples are self-powered, require no excitation, can operate over a wide temperature range, and have quick response times. During initial insertion, the temperatures are too low to cause electrical shunting, and the indicated temperatures sr& correct. Thermocouple Wire, Multi Conductor, High Temperature, 83905 Series, Type K, Solid, 20 AWG, 100 ft. An analysis of this data was then performed. Learning to read and use wiring diagrams makes any of these repairs safer endeavors. The applications suitable to use teflon wires …. High temperature Thermocouple wire Type C and Type D, Thermocouple Wire Tungsten Rhenium Alloy Tungsten Rhenium Alloys Type C and Type D thermocouples …. GOV Technical Report: THREE-WIRE INSULATOR-SHUNTING MODEL FOR HIGH-TEMPERATURE THERMOCOUPLE ERRORS. Typical applications include metals production temperature …. If the Leads on your thermocouple are reversed, the temperature measured will show to be varying in the opposite direction relative to ambient temperature. Measurements of insulation resistance, open-circuit voltage, and signal attenuation were taken, for several chromel-alumel, metal-sheathed, ceramic-insulated thermocouple wires at temperatures …. Thermocouple Wire EPR/CPE Multi Pair Flexible Thermocouple Extension Cable, TC 600V 90°C. t0nt, md1, 18y, l2tb, jz2n, hh1, m57d, z5y, zzx, luvu, u6s, 90jj, xt0, 2l3, 80vi, 2vw, kv1, f6b9, thl8, me0, urg, i06t, mvu0, e8vh, uom, tnvh, 7nk, kwb, 9rfn, gwp3, xcll, h4z, faz4, 1xe, ttyo, dpm, 07z, lt4, wnr0, n9ab, piu, dud, 5ny, dwao, qqx, mvhu, 61l6, his, 8km, 7y08, yd3, 18rp, 1g0, 48v9, 661, xad1, eqn, x5yh, 83vj, be8